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400K Mayor Romualdez National Darts Tournament

Updated June 28, 2017

Noel Malicdem of Team Robson threw the last dart of the 400K Mayor Romualdez National Darts Tournament to win the MVP Award. The Mayor’s Open Singles, the last event of the tournament with 20K for the champion and 10K for the losing finalist, was a fitting finale to a dramatic and exciting race for the 50K MVP Award. The player with the most money won in the tournament wins the MVP.

Lourence Ilagan of DOT-Gunner was leading the MVP race, before the last event, with over 20K coming from his win in the Sangyaw Open Singles. The Mythical 5, who were in the 2nd to 6th places, were Dolreich Tongcopanon with 14K, Jay Doria, Paulo Gallano, Noel Malicdem, Boy Ulang and Andy Villamor. The Mythical 5 are all in contention for the MVP and The Mythical 5 award of 10K each.

Ilagan (seeded # 8) ended the hopes of Villamor with a 4-0 thrashing in the T16, followed by a win in the T8 over his closest rival DJ Tongcopanon 4-2. Tongcopanon (seeded #1) who was behind 3-0 raced to 2 straight wins and missed the 138 out for a decision game after hitting T20-T20 and missed D18.

Four (4) players remain in the Mayor’s Open Singles, the #2 seeded player Noel Malicdem facing the 3rd seeded player Christian Perez, and Boy Ulang (seeded #5) playing against Lourence Ilagan. With the 10K for the losing finalist, Ilagan only needs to beat Ulang to win the MVP.

Boy Ulang, who was at his best after beating Alex Tagarao (#12) and Prussian Arceño (#4), extended his win streak with a 4-2 win over Ilagan. Unlike the fierce championship in the Federation Cup, Malicdem won 4-1 over Christian Perez.

The last match of the 400K Romualdez National Tournament became the ultimate match to determine the tournament MVP Awardee. At stake is the 20K top prize for the Mayor’s Open Singles and the 50K MVP Award.

Malicdem played first but Ulang was first to set up with 40 left while Malicdem still has 124 left. Malicdem threw S20-T18-DBull out for the win. In the 2nd leg, Malicdem threw a 174 to set up 16 left but Ulang ended the leg with 83 left. The match went on with alternating wins till the 8th leg, whoever threw first won the leg - “Mano panalo”. In the decisive leg, Ulang played first to set up an early 24 left after hitting 162 for the set up. Malicdem was still behind. Ulang threw a heartbreaking miss on 3 chances to win with 24 left S12-S6-S3. Malicdem with 111 left hit T19-S14-D20 for the championship. The decisive leg is the only leg with a win against the throw. The high outs made by Malicdem to save a break off throw in the first leg with 124 out and the decisive leg win with 111 out are the highlights of the match.

Malicdem won the MVP with total cash winnings of 29,250, followed by the Mythical 5 winners with an additional 10K each for Lourence Ilagan 25,625, Bhoy Ulang 18,000, DJ Tongcopanon 17,250, Jhay Doria 12,250, Paulo Gallano 11,000; rounding the top 10 are Andy Villamor 10,500, Alex Tagarao 7,500, Bong Gabiana 7,000 and Boyet Majomot 7,000.

The Mayor Romualdez National Darts Tournaments is on its 3rd year and continues to show a tradition of excellence with the yearly increase of cash prizes from 250K to 400K, the unique format of 2 Open Singles, an exciting MVP award, the addition of the Mythical 5 award and the only tournament with a sumptuous welcome dinner. The tournament setting continues to set a high standard of quality of the venue and playing set up.

The darting community congratulates the Tacloban Dart Association (TDA), for its outstanding contribution to elevate with distinction the Philippine dart tournaments, led by Jun Buling and his board of directors ably supported by the Darters of Tacloban (DOT) and Amakan Darts. To Congressman Bems Noel for his unselfish support and for providing an additional free lunch.

We acknowledge Mayor Cristina and Alfred Romualdez for their support and even for their presence in the national dart tournament. For the smooth running of the tournament we thank the efforts of NDFP tournament directors and use of the Fast-Track computerized program.

To all the players, thank you for your participation. To the top 24 players of the top 32 NDFP ranked players who attended, you inspire us with your presence. To all the winners congratulations and strive to be the best.

Overall, the 400K Mayor Romualdez National Dart Tournament was a smashing success worthy of emulation.


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