Laguna Dart League - Season End!
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Awards Night

Dart Teams

Game Rules

Rated Player can only play 4 games one single, one double and two team event.
In double partnership only allowed playing once.
Non rated player can play 1 Single / 2 Double / 3 Team Games.

Playing Attire

Shorts,slippers,sandals,sandos , sleeveless shirts , caps and other types of headgear (unless for religious purpose ) are not allowed .

Scoring Etiquette

Players must not touch or remove their darts until they have written their scores. Players are to seek the acknowledgment of the opposing team for Triple hits prior to recording their scoring.

League Highlights

The Following are the league highlights:

Double bull out High outs
T21 and Over

All highlights should be listed the player`s name in the score sheet.
List down the scores made such as (High out) , 50 DB (Double bull out ) . etc .

Submission of Score Sheets

- Both teams must accomplish their won score sheet.
- Only highlights appearing on both score will be included in the tabulation of highlights.
- Both teams must submit their scores sheet irrespective of whether they win or lose.
- Team captain of winning team must ensure that both scores sheets are signed and all data (especially highlights) is complete and certified true and correct before submission to the league statistician.
- Winning team will submit both scores sheets to the league statiscian .

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Season Champions and Awardees: