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Updated June 15, 2017
Greater excitement and anticipation is in store for players attending the 3rd Mayor Romualdez National Dart Tournament this weekend, June 16-18 at Patio Victoria in Tacloban City.  The total cash prize is now 400K with the addition of 50K for the Mythical Five Award.  The Mythical Five Award is an innovation to the uniquely original Mayor Romuladez Tournament’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award.  To add spice in the battle for the P50K MVP title, players who will place 2nd to 6th places in the MVP race will be called the Mythical Five and awarded P10K each.

The player with the most money winnings in all Open Events wins the MVP title. Excluded from the MVP race are the money won in Restricted Events such as the Seniors Singles and the Ladies Singles. The race for the 2017 MVP title and the Mythical Five carries a total cash prize of P100K which is significantly higher compared to the P25K MVP of 2016.
The 3rd Mayor Romuladez P400K National Dart Tournament is the biggest dart tournament so far this year surpassing the biggest tournament of 2016, the P325K 2nd Mayor Romuladez Open.  The tournament is organized by the Tacloban Darts Association led by President Jun Buling in cooperation with the City Government of Tacloban City.

The Mayor Romuladez tournament stands out from the other NDFP Ranking and Sanctioned tournaments as the only dart tournament with two (2) Open Singles, the MVP Award, and having the tradition of a welcome dinner hosted by the event organizers and Patio Victoria.
Dinner will be served at 6PM on Friday, June 16, 2017.  As usual the playing venue is the fully air-conditioned ball room of Patio Victoria. 

The 2016 Mayor Romuladez Tournament is filled with memorable events with Melvin Pelonia winning the Triple Crown with the MVP Title, the Sangyaw Open Singles, and hitting a Perfect 9 Darts out. This is where the youthful Trazzy Jezryl Plaza of Butuan City wooed the crowd and was dubbed as the “Darling of the Crowd.”  This is where DJ Tongcopanon lost 2 Open Singles finals and missed the MVP Award.

The 2017 Mayor Romuladez Dart Open will be another blockbuster event.  The almost weekly NDFP Sanctioned Ranking tournaments have prepared players well. The MVP incentive inspires and motivates players to be the best and to excel in all events. We will witness a level of competition never seen before in Philippine darts.  Fierce competition is anticipated as the top darters of the land converge in Tacloban City.  On top of everything else, everyone will enjoy the splendor and serene blue waters of Patio Victoria.


In deference to the venue sponsor Patio Victoria:  Please refrain from bringing Food and Drinks bought outside of the venue. There will be higher ranking points for the Open Singles with the addition of the 50K. From a level of 175K (350/2), the level now will be for the 200K ranking points (400/2 singles). The 10K special award for Perfect 9-Darts out will be shared if there are more than 1 winners. RTSoncuya
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