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TRAZZY JEZRYL PLAZA: The Darling of the Crowd
P325K Mayor Romualdez National Darts Tournament

Updated June 17, 2016
Trazzy Jezryl Plaza, the charming lad from Butuan City is the darling of the crowd at the recently concluded 2nd Mayor Alfred Romuladez 325K National Darts Tournament. Not only is Jezryl handsome and amiable, but for a 12 year old to display the poise and excellent technical skill in playing darts is outstanding and indeed a crowd drawer.

Jezryl’s superb composure and bearing earned him a 2nd place finish in the Classified Draw Triples with Nelson Uligan of Highland Darters and team mate from Adfil, Jun Cantano. Even in the Classified Draw Doubles, Jezryl finished joint 3rd/4th place with Dodoy Nalungon of Cagayan de Oro. In the Open Singles, he conquered veteran players Vince De Velos of Tresma and Arnold Tacdol of Baguio City.

Jezryl recently won the NDFP Youth Singles of the 150K Araw ng Sibugay Zamboanga over veteran youth player Kirt John Caayupan of Cagayan de Oro. Jezryl has been playing darts since the age of 10, and comes from the 28 strong youth stable of the Caraga Dart Council headed by his father Jonathan Plaza, a good darter in his own right. The growing and robust youth program in Butuan City is one of the undertakings supported by the corporate dart patron, AD-Phil Construction Company led by Joseph Gorme.

Jezryl will enter 1st year high school at the Agusan National High School - Special School of Music, as he is an avid guitar player and an aspiring singer. His favorite darter is Phil Taylor and he uses Taylor’s Generation 3 darts. He spends a lot of his free time roving YouTube in search of Phil Taylor’s matches which he watches endlessly. He dreams of one day playing in England among the best. When asked who his local dart idol is, his quick reply - “My papa”.
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