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250K Mayor Romuladez Tacloban Open
P10,000 Tournament MVP / Opening Dinner / Ranking Points for 2 Singles

Updated June 17, 2015
A Special P10,000 Award will be given to the Most Valuable Player of the 250K Mayor Romualdez Tacloban Open.  The MVP award will be given to the player with the most cash winnings during the 3-day tournament scheduled from June 26 to 28, 2015 in Tacloban City.  In events such as the Four (4) Person Team, Doubles, Triples, and Singles, the individual cash share of each player will be added to determine the player with the most cash winnings.

Jun Buling, the President of the Tacloban Dart Association invites all participants to a Tournament Dinner hosted by the Hon. Mayor Romuladez during the Opening Night on June 26, 2015, before the first event.

The 250K Mayor Romualdez Tacloban Open will have two (2) Singles events. The computation of the NDFP Ranking points will be based on the Points Allocation Table for a 125,000 tournament. This is arrived at by dividing the 250K tournament into two for the 2 ranking singles events.

The Darting Community looks forward with anticipation to the 250K Mayor Romualdez Tacloban Open - the biggest tournament of the 2nd Quarter with the added 10K for the tournament MVP.  This is a fitting conclusion to the historic 12 NDFP Ranking Tournaments of the 2nd Quarter Darts Ratsada with over P1.5M cash prize.
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