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Updated November 12, 2015
The crowd watched in admiration and amazement as the Pinoy darters displayed flawless darts to dominate the Phoenix Darts Macau Open held last Nov 7-8, 2015 at the Sofitel Hotel in Macau under the auspices of the Asian Dart Association of Hongkong.

All events were won by the Filipino darters led by the tandem of Christian Perez of Robson Sportscraft and Arby Briones of Robson Plus Flight Singapore winning the first event, 701-Cricket Doubles, beating Paolo Nebrida of Yeah Baby and DJ Tongcopanon of  Robson Sportscraft for the Championship.  In joint 3rd is the duo of Prussian Arceño and Edward Santos of ST Malaysia.  All six Darterong Pinoys representing the Philippine contingent landed in the top money bracket.

The Singles events of 701-Cricket and the 501 Double In and Double Out were both won by Paolo Nebrida, superbly overpowering Arby Briones.  Also in both Singles events, the composed DJ Tongcopanon was in joint 3rd place while Prussian Arceño placed joint 3rd in 701-Cricket Singles.

In the final Team Cricket Doubles event, the three Pinoy doubles teams were all grouped in one side of the bracket with the unlikely outcome of again an all Filipino finals.  Christian Perez and Arby Briones won the Cricket Doubles against a tough experienced Hongkong Team who are regulars in the Dartslive Stages. Our ever reliable veteran players continue to shine in the international dart competitions sweeping both doubles events while our promising youth players displayed the capability to overcome the adversity of an international competition.

For their magnificent performance in Macau, the six Pinoy darters won the equivalent of almost half a million pesos - not bad for a weekend of darts.

Paolo Nebrida displayed maturity and experience as a 21 year-old playing against more seasoned players, reminiscent of the deadly form he displayed at the ADA championships last May in Hongkong and at the recently concluded  Resorts World Manila 300K Dart Attack.  To sweep both Singles events against Arby Briones - a veteran player and a Dartslive multi-stage winner, is an outstanding feat.

Dolreich DJ Tongcopanon Jr., a 20-year old NDFP National Master, who is leading the 2015 Darter of the Year Award, played for the first time in an international tournament, a soft tip dart tournament and a cricket tournament.  DJ only learned how to play cricket and throw an 18 gms soft tip darts two weeks before the tournament in preparation for the Macau Open.  But, DJ prevailed over the anxiety of a first timer with composure and focus to place joint 3rd in both singles events and supported Nebrida in a runner-up finish in the doubles.  Indeed, Dolreich Tongcopanon is a youth dart phenom with more exciting times ahead. 

The victory of our youth dart players in the international darting arena is both an inspiration and a challenge to the Filipino darting community:  An inspiration to the youth darters of the opportunities that hard work, perseverance, and determination can present; And a challenge for the national and local dart organizations to create, develop, and support active youth programs that create the venues for future champions.

May we continue to be inspired, and further be challenged to aspire for excellence.

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