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Updated September 03, 2014
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Congratulations Rolly “Bong” Gabiana, of Robson Bukidnon, the newly crowned NDFP National Master. Gabiana attained the NDFP National Master norm of three (3) National Singles Championships by winning the Open Singles of P100,000 TSA Darts Episode III in Cagayan de Oro City, the P130,000 29th Kadayawan in Dabaw 2014, and the P100,000 Gov. Mercado Cup,  Maasin City.  This is a record breaking feat winning 3 out of the last 4 national open singles in two (2) months.

Enroute to the TSA Darts Championship, Gabiana struggled in the top 8 winning a classic decision leg over Alexis Toylo and then coasted to a 4-1 victory over Andy Villamor and a 5-1 finals over Boie Parfan.

The hot streak of Bong Gabiana started in the Robson Summer Dartfest by almost winning the 1st Federation Cup losing in a close decision leg to Federation Cup Champion Christian Perez, after winning in a decision leg over Lourence Ilagan in the top 4.

Bong Gabiana hails from Don Carlos, Bukidnon finishing his Economics degree from San Isidro College in 2001. He started working in The Asian Hills Bank, a rural bank, in 2003, engaged in various management positions.  In 2009, when he was the branch manager in Kidapawan City, his officemate Andy Villamor mentored him to play darts. Thus, we can see the similarity of Villamor and Gabiana’s playing style. He is one of the few darters who started to learn and play competitive darts at the age of 32, blooming to top form at the age of 38.

In 2011 he won the singles of the 1M Manny Pacquiao Cup in GenSan and later that year was a finalist in the Philippine Qualifier won by Christian Perez. The following year in 2012, he won the P300,000 Kalilangan Festival in GenSan. Gabiana was in hibernation from 2012 to 2013. In the TSAdarts 2013, Gabiana was invited to join the Robson stable of players and since then has reinvigorated his darting career.
It is unfortunate that Gabiana’s dart involvement in the national tournaments will temporarily cease except for the Darterong Pinoy this October as he has ran out of vacation leaves in order to compete in the NDFP national dart circuit.

We are looking forward to Bong Gabiana’s international exposure in 2015 as he has truly earned the title - National Master.

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