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Updated February 28, 2014
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The growth of Philippine darts continues to explode as never seen before. From the depths of extinction in 2001, darts has slowly risen by bits and pieces, till 2007, where the phenomenal growth started to take off culminating in what we are seeing today.

We are reaping today the fruits of darts transformation in outlook, values, beliefs and principle aided by the new realigned entities in support of these changes. We cannot go back and reassert the failed system of the past lest history repeat itself. New realities have emerged and the darting community needs to adapt and co-evolve with these changing realities.

Since its inception, the National Darts Federation of the Philippines (NDFP) remains at the forefront of pursuing “breakaway challenges” and striking new directions to uplift the standards of Philippine darts, sustain a national dart infrastructure of sanctioned ranking events and change the image of darts to create the mass base of mainstream darters.

Herein are the programs for 2014 and a review of 2013.

The NDFP is launching the 2014 Chris Sports Player of the Year Award to the top player with the most NDFP ranking points in 2014. The top player will be honored with a Player of the Year Plaque and P20,000 cash prize. 

The Chris Sports Player of the Year Award is to support the continuing commitment and fervor of the NDFP affiliated local dart organizations in sustaining and building the NDFP sanctioned ranking tournaments as the backbone of the Philippine national dart infrastructure, where current champions are trained and where future champions are molded. 

Scheduled at this time are the following confirmed NDFP sanctioned ranking tournaments with over a million in cash prizes.  As the year progresses more ranking and sanctioned tournaments will be confirmed and will reach the average yearly NDFP sanctioned tournaments of over 2M. The minimum cash prize for the NDFP Regional Ranking Tournaments is now P50,000 from P35,000. Other amendments in the ranking points system bracketing will be uploaded in the NDFP website.

Araw ng Dabao (Davao City) 150,000 March 14-16, 2014 FDMDI Davao City
Bicol Dart Challenge (Legaspi) 150,000 April 10-12, 2014 Darterong Albayano Legaspi
Robson Summer Dartest 200,000 May 30-June 1, 2014 NDFP Cainta - MM
Daet on the Go - Pinyasan Festival 120,000 June 22-24, 2014 CNDAC Daet
Kalivungan Dart Fest (Kidapawan) 300,000 Aug 1-3, 2014 NCDA Kidapawan
TSAdarts (CDO) 100,000 Aug 15-17, 2014 Dartfathers Cagayav de Oro
Kadayawan Ng Dabao Darts (Davao) 100,000 August 29-31, 2014 FDAMDI Davao City
Darterong Pinoy (Free Registration) 100,000 October, 2014 NDFP Cainta - MM

In 2013, there were 22 NDFP ranking tournaments with a total cash prize of 2.2M. And true to the tradition of excellence. the NDFP top ranked players inspired the nation with their outstanding international achievements that brought hope and self-confidence that Filipinos can champion the world of darts.  The NDFP Player Ranking is a rolling 2-year performance points earned.  Ranking status as of December 2013 is as follows:
  1.   Lourence Ilagan               314
  2.   Andy Villamor 284
  3.   Christian Perez 282
  4.   Edward Santos 245
  5.   Boy Gionzon 232
  6.   Boy Ulang 220
  7.   Ricky Mijares 214
  8.   Robert Calupit 209
In recognition to the NDFP top 32 ranked players ending 2013, the NDFP is launching the 2014 Invitational Federation Cup with a total cash prize of P24,000 and with no entry fee to these 32 top ranked players. This is scheduled during the P200,000 Robson Summer Dartfest in May.  The Invitational Federation Cup is sponsored by Robson Sportscraft, Alfonso I Light, and Chris Sports. Format details will be uploaded in the NDFP website.

The 2013 Year in Review

Dart Leagues
Formation and propagation of a nationwide network of dart leagues is a major advocacy of the NDFP in support of the grass root development and as an entry point for new aspiring darters.  In 2013, NDFP supported the 2 Cordillera Dart Leagues (Baguio), Caraga Dart League (Butuaan), Corporate Cup (Gulp), Bonchalet Dart League (Marikina) and the Makati Inter-Barangay Dart League. With the start of 2014, the NDFP is supporting the dart leagues in Taytay , Cagayan de Oro and Laguna, and will continue to support and realign sponsorship budget to the propagation of dart leagues.

NDFP Website/Facebook
In June 2013, we launched the new NDFP website driven to provide a new standard in the proliferation of information vital to darters.  The new website is aimed at becoming “the gateway to the world of darts” by delivering universal and international content related to darts.  The website brings with it channels reflecting the pulse of the darting community, voiced through the Dart Diaries of Mr. Chito Yacapin and links to the Darterong Pinoy Facebook and NDFP You-Tube account that features all NDFP-produced TV dart specials.

Alongside the new website, the NDFP also launched its official Facebook page aimed at channeling vital dart news and information to the wider and more interactive social media community. 

Darterong Pinoy
Last October, the NDFP celebrated 15 years of Darterong Pinoy with its biggest cash prize of P150,000, and once again broke records in total player attendance and youth participation.  Indeed, Darterong Pinoy remains as the only 100,000 and over free-registration dart tournament in the country today.

Darts for a Cause
In the aftermath of typhoon Yolanda, the NDFP responded with the Tulungan Po Natin Sila - Darts for a Cause Fund Drive, where a total amount of P103,546.40 was pooled and donated through the GMA Kapuso Foundation. This fund drive was handled with the highest level of transparency and integrity. We graciously thank the national NDFP-affiliated dart organizations, corporate partners, and the dart venues who responded to our call.

9-Darts Out
To close the year, the NDFP awarded the P10,000 cash to Alexis Toylo for a perfect 9-darts out from the FDAMDI-organized Huling Hirit Dart Tournament – a first in Philippine darts.  The P10,000 cash award will continue to be given to all 9-darts out in all NDFP sanctioned tournaments.

Our accomplishments at the NDFP are unworthy if not for the darting community that tirelessly supports our programs.  We look forward to a prosperous and victorious year in darts with all of you.

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