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Philippine Qualifier for World Darts Championship 2021

Updated November 19, 2020

Alexandra Palace, London, England

By entering the Philippine Qualifier eliminations for the 2021 William Hill World Darts Championships, I confirm that I am in full agreement to the following rules and conditions of my participation:

1. I understand that it is mandatory to provide the following documents upon registration:

• Copy of my birth certificate (NSO certified for Visa Application)
• Proof of Residency
• Valid Passport with over 6-month expiration from December 18, 2020 in anticipation of the limited visa processing time.

I am fully aware that my failure to comply with these vital requirements negate any right from my side to participate and further continue the said competition.

2. I understand that I shall be subject to the direct regulation of the Organizer during the duration of the elimination process. Any infringement or questionable acts I may commit contrary to the existing Rules of Conduct of the NDFP, shall be valid grounds for my disqualification, suspension or banning from the competition and any of NDFP-sanctioned events in the future.

3. I understand that should I win the Philippine Qualifier; I am compelled to waive all my rights unconditionally and irrevocably from all prior commitments in order to devote/dedicate my time for training preparations under the auspices of NDFP. All other existing team and/or manager relationships will cease temporarily from the time that I have been selected as the Philippine Qualifier up to the last day of the World Darts Championship competition.

4. I understand that the Organizer will only assist on the facilitation / processing of my UK visa and will set aside the time for personal appearance in the processing of the visa and that I shall be solely responsible for the expenses of my companion, should I decide to have one to accompany me to the playing venue in Alexandra Palace, UK.

5. I am fully aware that I have a guaranteed cash prize of 7,500 UK Pounds, less applicable UK taxes, which will be directly deposited to my local bank account by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) 2 weeks after competing in the World Darts Championship. Should I fail to play in the WDC this guaranteed cash prize will be forfeited by the PDC.

6. I understand that once declared as the official Philippine Qualifier after the elimination process, I am duty-bound to represent the Philippines by all means. I am aware that my failure to do so, for one reason or another, shall correspond to disciplinary action from the NDFP.

7. I hereby attest that I have read and understood all the guidelines of this agreement. My participation confirms that I have clearly understood and fully accept the above conditions.

Those with incomplete requirements will not be allowed to join the qualifier.

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