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Updated September 17, 2014

The National Darts Federation of the Philippines expands its advocacy and influence to the Filipino darting community in the Independent State of Papua New Guinea through the affiliation of the Pinoy Darts Club of Papua New Guinea. 

Jojo Luceno, 2nd Vice President of Pinoy Darts Club, personally visited and conferred with NDFP President Tito Soncuya to formalize their intent to be recognized and guided under the standards and principles of the NDFP. 

The NDFP welcomes the officers and members of the Pinoy Darts Club of Papua New Guinea into its pool of affiliated dart organizations.  The club founded in 2012 is based in Port Moresby and currently has 40 active members.  They have successfully organized a number of tournaments and fund raising events sponsored by Filipino-owned companies in their community, and hope to have representation in NDFP-organized and sanctioned tournaments in the future. 

In 2011, Papua New Guinea was identified as one of the fastest-growing economies in the world due to its mining and resource sector.  The country has about 40,000 Filipinos in its territory, mostly working for Australian companies engaged in gas extraction, mining, and telecommunications.
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