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2nd Quarter 2019
July 2017 - June 2019

Updated July 17, 2019
Total Open Singles events – 107
Total Tournament Cash Prize – 26.5M
Ranking points are based on the total tournament cash prize and the number of players in the Open Singles.

Noel Malicdem of Robson-NCR continues to lead the NDFP National Player Ranking for the 9th consecutive quarter since 2Q of 2017 with 1,000 points. Noel Malicdem won in 7 Open Singles events with a total tournament cash prize of 2.2M and earned ranking points in 28 tournaments.

Michael Viola, Darter of the Year 2018, from DOT-CDO is fast closing in on Malicdem with 934 points. Viola won 11 championships from tournaments with total cash prize of 1.6M. He earned ranking points in 32 tournaments.

Lourence Ilagan of DOT-TOP is in 3rd place with 812 points. Ilagan points came from 5 wins in tournaments with 2.0M total cash prize. Ilagan won and placed in 16 tournaments with bigger cash prizes earning him more ranking points.

Alexis Toylo of DOT-CDO is in 4th place with 2 Open Singles won. Toylo earned his spot with high finishes in 28 tournaments.

In 5th place with 750 points is Paolo Nebrida of Robson-Olongapo City, the leading 2019 Darter of the Year Awardee, with 8 wins in tournaments with 970K cash prizes. Nebrida's ranking points mainly came from the past year of the 2-year national player ranking.


The past 2 years were breakthrough years for Philippine darts - the total cash prize of the 101 NDFP Sanctioned and Ranking Tournaments totaled 26.5M. There were 6 tournaments with 2 Open Singles events resulting in 107 Open Singles.

Regional Breakdown:
Region Tournaments Cash Prize
Mindanao 53 5.3M
Luzon 28 4.7M
Visayas 14 14.9M
NCR 6 1.6M
Total 101 26.5M

Cash Breakdown:
Prize Range Tournaments
1M and over 3
400K-650K 7
200-250K 13
120-150K 16
100K 17
50-80K 45

Thanks to the corporate partners of the NDFP – Robson Sportscraft, Chris Sports, and especially to Alfonso I Light for the 10 years of trophy sponsorship in almost all NDFP Ranking Tournaments. To the NDFP personnel - Ryan Suarez and Marvin Orlina for their untiring coordination to quality check the cash breakdown and flyers of tournaments, for their coordination of tournament logistics, and even to fulfill the demand as Tournament Directors. And to Rex Cruz for the visual and content management of the NDFP Facebook Page. Only in a tradition of excellence, integrity, and service can we continue to perpetuate the expansion of Philippine darts.


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