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Rolling 2 Years Ranking
78 Ranking Tournaments

April 2016 – March 2018

Updated April 06, 2018
The National Darts Federation of the Philippines (NDFP) reached another milestone.  Ending March 2018, the NDFP Ranking and Sanctioned Tournaments reach a grand total of 78 Open Singles Tournaments nationwide.  This is the most number of ranking tournaments ever in the history of Philippine darts in a 2-year Rolling period (April 2016-March 2018).

This milestone is achieved through the collaboration and mutual support network of the NDFP Affiliated Dart Organizations and the NDFP.  The total cash correspondingly increased to 8.6M during this period. This bond of unity is the strength that sustains the continuing expansion of Philippine darts.  To the nationwide NDFP Affiliated Dart Organizations, the dart community extends its appreciation and gratitude.

The National Player Ranking is the creation of this mutual cooperation to recognize the most consistent players in a Rolling 2-year period.

The top 6 ranked players remained the same as the last quarter with Noel Malicdem continuing to lead the NDFP National Player Ranking, followed by (2) DJ Tongcopanon, (3) Lito Peresores, ( 4) Christian Perez, ( 5) Alexis Toylo, and (6) Boy Ulang.  Donjem Dimaculangan of Robson-Lucena, previously in 8th place took 7th spot as Prussian Arceño slid down to 9th place.

Players with the most ranking points in the 1st Q, 2018 dramatically scaled the ranking with Paolo Nebrida of Robson-Zambales landing in 8th place from 18th place and Michael Viola of Cagayan de Oro City is now in 19th place from 34th place.  Andy Villamor of Malaybalay-Kumpadres who was in 15th place lands in the 10th spot. 

Historically the 2nd Quarter has the most number of NDFP Ranking and Sanctioned tournaments and this year is no exception.  The 2nd Quarter is nearly booked including the Philippine Open Tacloban, the biggest Philippine dart tournament.  We look forward to the coming ranking tournaments for major shifts and changes, both for the Darter of Year and in the National Player Ranking.

To view complete ranking results, visit www.ndfpdarts.com

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