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July 2015-June 2017 / 65 NDFP Sanctioned Ranking Events

Updated July 26, 2017
Finally, Noel “The Gentle Giant” Malicdem of Robson Sportscraft is on top of the NDFP Player Ranking for the 1st time. After winning the Masters Cup, Darter of the Year and the Federation Cup - the Grand Slam of Philippine Darts and the MVP Award of the 400K Mayor Romuladez Open, it is fitting and deserving for Noel to emerge as the top player in the National Player Ranking.

The NDFP National Player ranking is the rolling 2-year ranking points performance of players in the NDFP sanctioned ranking tournaments organized by the NDFP and its Affiliated Dart Organizations in past 2 years.  This is the performance from July 2015 to June of 2017 of 65 ranking Open Singles with over 7M in cash prize. Consistent top caliber performance in the last 2 years is the hall mark of the NDFP Player Ranking.

Significantly, the Player Ranking is the basis for the seeding of players in the NDFP Open Singles and for the invitation to the prestigious Federation Cup for the top 32 players in the National Player Ranking at the end of December of each year.

Robson players dominated the top three ranking positions with
1. National Master (NM) Noel Malicdem
2. NM Dolreich “DJ” Toncopanon
3. NM Christian “The Titan” Perez 
4. Regional Master (RM) Lito Peresores
5. NM Prussian Arcenio
6. NM Rolly Gabiana
7. RM Jeffrey Arciosa
8. Bhoy Ulang                                                                                                         
9. Alexis Toylo
10. Alex Tagarao.
(pls check ndfpdarts.com for the full listing)

The NDFP National Player Ranking is the platform for excellence. The top ranked players are dominated by the National and Regional Master for it takes experience and the heart of a champion to place in the top ranking. There are 7 players in the top 10 coming from the fast growing and developing Mindanao. Noticeably dropping out of the top 10 ranking is Lourence Ilagan with limited playing time due to injuries. Other stalwarts of Philippine darts are dropping out of the ranking in favor of the new and younger upcoming dart players

In the 3rd and 4th Quarters of 2017, we are seeing a transformation in the cash prizes for Philippine darts with the scheduling of three (3) 200K tournaments and the biggest tournament in years, the 650K Casino Filipino Darts in Angeles City. If the Casino Filipino Tournament in Angles City proves to be a resounding success, there will be more Casino Filipino tournaments to come before the year ends. A new stage in Philippine darts is dawning in our midst – time to go out, give full support and play to be recognized.

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