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4th Quarter 2015

Updated January 04, 2016
Christian “The Titan” Perez maintains the top ranking of the NDFP National Player Ranking at the end of the 4th Quarter of 2015 with 572 points. Closing in on the top ranking is Lourence Ilagan with 556 points and only 16 points behind. Rounding the top 8 are Prussian Arceño in 3rd, Bong Gabiana in 4th, DJ Tongcopanon in 5th, Bhoy Ulang in 6th, Alexis Toylo in 7th, and Boy Gionzon in 8th.  There is no doubt that statistics objectively showed that our top players remain to be Christian Perez and Lourence Ilagan.

The NDFP National Player Ranking is the standing of players based on points earned in NDFP Ranking Tournaments in the past 2 years.  Compared with the Darter of the Year award which is for a one year performance, the National Player Ranking is spread over 2 years to determine consistency of performance. This Player Ranking is based on a total of 55 NDFP Ranking Tournaments.

In the Darter of the Year award, DJ Tongcopanon was the runaway winner with 400 points followed by Bong Gabiana with 279 points, Ilagan in 3rd with 264 points, Perez with 258 points, and Prussian Arceño in 5th.

The NDFP also maintains the Classified Players list which is for 3 years ranking points earned to determine the additional NDFP Classified Players.  Again in the 3 year ranking, the top 5 players were Arceño, Perez, Ilagan, Gabiana, and Tongcopanon. Without question, these are our current top 5 performing and consistent players. For 2016, these players will continue to shine.

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