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Updated October 22, 2015
NDFP top ranked player Christian “The Titan” Perez displayed a fighting heart of a champion and won the NDFP 2015 Invitational Masters Cup last October 18 at the Darterong Pinoy Tournament in IL Centro – Sta. Lucia Mall.  His zealous determination to win guided his mental toughness, poise, and confidence.

Before the match, Perez said that he has won so far the 1st NDFP Darter of the Year Award, the two Federations Cups, the Qualifier to the World Darts Championship three times, remains on top of the national ranking - but missed the 1st Masters Cup last year in a decision leg. The Masters Cup is the last prestigious title to be won, a challenge he prepared for and through sheer resolve that borders on the obsessive, he did.   

The Championship of the Invitational Masters Cup was Best of 3 Sets, Best of 5 Legs.  En route to the finals, Christian demolished Bhoy Ulang 4-0 in the T8 and recent 300K RWM Champion, youth phenom, and teammate Dolreich “DJ” Tongcopanon 5-2.

Jaypee Detablan, champion of 1st 250K Resorts World Manila Tournament over Lourence Ilagan was a formidable opponent. Jaypee was in superb technical form beating Elmer Maranan 5-2 in the T4, and National Master Toto Andrade, the eventual Darterong Pinoy champion, 4-1 in the T8.  In the group Round-Robin, Jaypee beat Christian Perez and topped the group qualifier, Perez came in 2nd.

The first set was all for Jaypee Detablan’s taking as Perez missed all his outings.  Perez won the toss coin to start the match; Perez missed 4 chances for the out in the first leg and another 2 missed chances in the 3rd leg.  Perez was overanxious, thinking ahead, and not playing one dart at a time.  Both players were scoring high but the outing spelled the difference in set 1.  Detablan won 3-0.

Detablan started the 2nd set and won the first leg with a 70 check out with 64 remaining for Perez.  Perez won the 2nd leg with 15 darts after hitting a T80.  In the third leg, Detablan threw a perfect T20-T20- DBull out for T70 checkout. Detablan needed only one leg to win the championship. Again, Perez hit a 15 darter to even the set at 2-2.  In the deciding leg of the 2nd set, there was an exchange of T80 but Perez assured his victory by hitting T40-T80-T32 and a checkout of 49, an eleven darts out to set the stage for the decisive 3rd set.

Going to the 3rd set, Perez was in the zone, focused, composed, and confident.  Perez won the 1st leg with 15 darts out. In the 2nd leg Perez threw T80-60-T40 and with 121 left hit S20-T17-DBull out to take a 2-0 lead. Perez breezed through the 3rd leg as Detablan was demoralized.  Perez dominated the 3rd set 3-0.

Detablan raced to the lead with 4 consecutive victories and needed only one leg victory in two chances but failed to convert.  Perez reversed his misfortunes in the first set and came from behind to build a titanic momentum of 5 consecutive leg victories for the Masters Cup Championship. Both were on top of their game with remarkable spurts of world class performance but in the end, mental toughness and the fighting heart of a champion prevailed.

Trivia: The 2015 Masters Cup held during the Darterong Pinoy is a fitting tribute to the Darterong Pinoy Youth champions:  Christian Perez was the first Darterong Pinoy Youth champion in 1999 and Jaypee Detablan, who started his dart career in youth singles of the NDFP at a tender age of 13, was the Darterong Pinoy Youth Champion in 2006, 2008, and 2009. We are now seeing the fruits of the consistent and sustained youth programs of the NDFP.

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