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Updated November 04, 2015
Dart players with the NDFP ID and Privilege card breezed through the tournament registration of the jam-packed Free Registration Darterong Pinoy, held last October 16-18 at the IL Centro, Sta Lucia Mall. Through the means of a Bar Code Scanner, NDFP card holders were treated to a convenient, faster and technologically advanced mode of player registration. Players need not physically write down their names to register and just present their IDs to be scanned instead.  This may be the wave of the future on how tournament registration will be handled.

One of the objectives of the NDFP Player Registration and Privilege Card is to keep darts in pace with the advances in technology.  With such innovation, the confusion between nicknames and other aliases in player registration is diminished and hence earned ranking points are properly tabulated.  This also enhanced the facilitation and encoding of names for the printing of match forms.   

Securing the NDFP ID during the Darterong Pinoy tournament was also quick and easy.  Applicants were asked to complete and submit their application forms, after which they are photographed on the spot.  Applicants were able to claim their IDs within the day, some in as fast as ten minutes. 

The NDFP Player Registration ID and Privilege card was launched last July 2015, in response to the clamor of darters for an identification card to show authorities that they are authentic dart players when frisked while in possession of dart pins.

As an added value, the NDFP ID Cards also serves as a discount card in some establishments, including a 5% discount on all regular priced Robson dart accessories in all Chris Sports outlets, and food and beverage discounts in selected participating dart venues.

The elegantly designed NDFP ID is valid for five (5) years for a registration fee of P120.00.  Three months into its launch, the number of NDFP cardholders is already close to the 1,000 mark, and the demand continues unabated.  We encourage more players to avail of the fast and easy way to a get an NDFP Card.  Get your NDFP ID & Privilege Card NOW!  For more details please check this link http://ndfpdarts.com/ndfp-id-privileges.html#tab1

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