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Updated March 29, 2017
The elite circle of the best Philippine dart players are invited to compete in the prestigious NDFP Federation Cup 2017 on May 26 and 27 as the highlight of the 250K Robson Summer Dartfest at the Il Centro, Sta Lucia Mall.  To showcase their darting excellence are the top 32 NDFP Ranked players, ending December 2016.

The NDFP Ranking is based on the 2 year-rolling points earned reflecting consistent and sustained dart performance.  The Federation Cup is an invitational free-registration event to recognize the outstanding performances of our top players in the last two years.  The Federation Cup has a multi-stage round robin format giving credence to the most consistent players to reach the finals.  The truly deserving is rewarded and the best will be crowned the 2017 Federation Cup Champion.

The launch of the Federation Cup in 2014 changed the landscape of Philippine darts – igniting a burning desire among competitive players not only to be part of this elite group of darters, but to strive for excellence.  Christian Perez of Robson-Koronadal City won the 1st Federation Cup in 2014 and successfully defended the Cup in 2015 after being crowned as the Darter of the Year Awardee in 2014.  Dolreich Tongcopanon of Robson-Gensan won the 2016 Federation Cup after winning the 2015 Darter of the Year Award.  Will Noel Malicdem of Robson-Pasig, the 2016 Darter of the Year Awardee follow the footsteps of his illustrious teammates?  After the 1stQ, Noel Malicdem again leads the race for the Darter of the Year 2017 with back to back wins in the 100K Kalilangan Festival in Gensan and the 150K Araw ng Dabao.  History may repeat itself – winner of the Darter of Year Award wins the Federation Cup.

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