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2015 NDFP FEDERATION CUP - A Summation

Updated June 04, 2015
Christian “The Titan” Perez successfully defended his Federation Cup title by edging Nelson “Ace” Uligan in a pulsating last dart D5 finish in the best of 7 championship match. Perez was ahead with a comfortable 3-0 lead until Uligan hit a barge of 180’s and 140’s to even the match. Uligan gained an advantage by throwing first in the decisive leg. After 12 darts, Perez has 80 left, and hit a triple 20, missed the D10 and hit the inside ten. Uligan with 75 left, hit a S17 and S18 and almost made D20. With Double 5 left, Perez hit an outside marker, wired the outside D5 and hit the game winning shot on his last dart for his 2nd consecutive NDFP Federation Cup Championship.

Perez’ victory was reminiscent of last year’s 1st Federation Cup finals when Bong Gabiana threw a missed winning last dart in the decisive leg and Perez winning on his last dart.  Under pressure, Perez exemplified the true heart of a champion. 

The NDFP Federation Cup is the free-entry invitational tournament exclusive to the top 32 ranked players of the NDFP ending the previous year – a tournament that distinguishes the best from the rest.

The top 32 ranked players were divided into 8 groups of 4 players and played round robin where the top 2 advance to the next round-robin stage.   The top 16 players were:  Prussian Arceño, Vince de Velos, Christian Perez, Dixie Ibañez, Natz Guba, Robert Calupit, Long Longyapon, Edward Santos, Boy Gionzon, Willy Omli, Alexis Toylo, Rex Balangcod, DJ Toncopanon, Boy Chucas, Bhoy Ulang, and Nelson Uligan. Of the group, seven (7) players came from Mindanao, six (6) players from the National Capital Region, and three (3) players from the Cordillera Region.  The top 16 players were then divided into 4 groups of 4 with the top 2 advancing to the top 8.

The Top 8 results: Nelson Uligan over Bhoy Ulang (4-2); Long Longyapon over Prussian Arceño (4-3); Christian Perez over Dixie Ibanez (4-3), and; Rex Balangcod over Boy Chucas 4-3).

The Top 4 results: Christian Perez over Rex Balangcod (4-0,) and Nelson Uligan over Long Longyapon (4-2).


Side notes:
This year’s Federation Cup Top 4 are all provincial darters.  Christian Perez hails from Koronadal, South Cotabato, while both Nelson Uligan and Rex Balangcod come for the Cordillera Region.  Long Longyapon who duplicated his last year’s finish of Top 4 is from Davao City.   National Masters Cup 2014 Champion Lourence Ilagan had a heart-breaking loss to Long Longyapon for the 2nd spot in their group matches. There are 7 months left before the close of the year, offering ample time for opportunities and possibilities in the NDFP rankings.  For the remaining months, more ranking tournaments will take place, new champions will be molded, and new talents to be discovered.  Until then, the darting community awaits with anticipation for the 2016 NDFP Federation Cup.

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