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The True Test of a Dart Champion

Updated May 20, 2015
The 2nd Federation Cup of the National Darts Federation of the Philippines (NDFP) unfolds on May 30 at 5:00PM for the first Round Robin and continues on May 31 at the Sta. Lucia Mall, Cainta, Rizal.  The top 32 players of the NDFP Ranking ending December 2014 are invited to the exclusive circle of the best players nationwide to dispute the honor of the Federation Cup champion - the most prestigious singles championship. The Invitational Federation Cup is a free-registration event with a total cash prize of P24,000.

The launch of the Federation Cup last year changed the landscape of Philippine darts – igniting a burning desire among competitive players not only to be part of this elite group of darters, but to strive for excellence. Christian Perez of Koronadal City wrote history last year as the first champion of the Federation Cup beating Bong Gabiana of Bukidnon in a decision match. Joint 3rd-4th last year were Lourence Ilagan and Long Longyapon of Davao City.

Playing and winning with the top 32 ranked players is a true test of a dart champion.  Set to take on the challenge of the 2015 NDFP Federation Cup are the following Top 32 NDFP Ranked Players as of December 31, 2014:

01   Prussian Arceño 12   Boy Gionson 23   DJ Tongcopanon
02   Christian Perez 13   Edward Santos 24   Nelson Uligan
03   Andy Villamor 14   Yoko Quillope 25   Aries Quijano
04   Lourence Ilagan 15   Jaypee Detablan 26   EJ Rebollos
05   Ricky Mijares 16   Paolo Nebrida 27   Rex Balangcod
06   Alexis Toylo 17   Bobot Tubianosa 28   Elmer Maranan
07   Toto Andrade 18   Dixie Ybañez 29   PJ Jugo
08   Bong Gabiana 19   Natz Guba 30   Robert Calupit
09   Bhoy Ulang 20   Long Longyapon 31   Val Capuyan
10   Boy Chucas 21   Willy Omli 32   Vince De Velos
11   Boie Parfan 22   Jojo Barellano      

Game format of the NDFP Federation Cup is as follows:

Stage 1
:  Players will be divided into 8 groups of 4’s based on ranking.  Higher points performance for 2014 will resolve tied ranking.  Format is Round Robin 501 best of 5 legs. Top 2 will advance to the next stage. In case of tied win and lose, win over the other, draw sudden death single leg of 701.




Group 1A: Ranked 1,16,17,32  

Group 1B: Ranked 8,9,24,25 

Group 2A: Ranked 4,13,20,29  


Group 2B: Ranked 5,12,21,28   

Group 3A: Ranked 2,15,18,31   


Group 3B: Ranked 7,10,23,26   

Group 4A: Ranked 3,14,19,30   

  Group 4B: Ranked 6,11,22,27    

Stage 2: The top two players will be assigned to predetermined groups based on their position on stage 1 group performance. Format is Round Robin 501 Best of 5 legs. Top 2 players will advance to the top 8. In case of tied win and lose, win over the other first, draw sudden death single leg of 701.




Group 1: 1A-#1, 1A-#2, 1B-#1, 1B-#2  

Group 3: 3A-#1, 3A-#2, 3B-#1, 3B-#2

Group 2: 2A-#1, 2A-#2, 2B-#1, 2B-#2


Group 4: 4A-#1, 4A-#2, 4B-#1, 4B-#2

Stage 3: Championship Round – the top 2 players will be assigned in the top 8 based on their position in the previous group performance.  Format is 01 Best of 7 legs up to the finals.




Match 1: Group 1 #1 vs Group 1 #2  

Match 3: Group 3 #1 vs Group 3 #2

Match 2: Group 2 #1 vs Group 2 #2


Match 4: Group 4 #1 vs Group 4 #2

Semifinals: Winner Match 1 vs Winner Match 2 // Winner Match 3 vs Winner Match 4
Championship: Winner of Semifinals

Cash Breakdown:
Champion: P12,000
2nd Place: P6,000
Joint 3rd-4th : P3,000

The NDFP Federation Cup is part of the Robson P200,000 Summer Dartfest from May 29 to 31, 2014 at the Sta. Lucia Mall in Cainta, Rizal.  For questions or clarifications, please contact the NDFP National Coordinator, Marvin Orlina at (0923) 235 4651. 
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