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Updated March 02, 2015
The National Darts Federation of the Philippines (NDFP) officially announces the renewal of sponsorship support from our corporate partners for 2015 - Chris Sports, Alfonso I Light, and Robson Sportscraft.  

The darting community and the NDFP graciously acknowledge with gratitude the continuing sponsorship support of our corporate partners in sustaining the growth and expansion of Philippine darts. Through their support, the NDFP was able to launch innovative and inspiring programs that allowed dart players not only to excel, but to attain international recognition and bring honor and glory to Philippine darts.

The prestigious Invitational Tournaments: Federation Cup, National Masters Cup, and the National Inter-City Team Championship, will continue to have cash prizes with no entry fees for all qualified players.  The iconic Free-Registration Darterong Pinoy is slated for the 4th Quarter of the year with an all time high of P160,000 cash prize.  The Chris Sports Darter of the Year Cash Award for 2015 will be P25,000, an increase from the 2014 cash prize of P20,000.  All these made possible by the NDFP corporate partners.

The NDFP is also grateful for the continuing support of its corporate partners to the ranking and sanctioned tournaments of NDFP affiliated dart organizations, through trophy support, discounted dartboards, and media exposure among others, that helped nurture, sustain, and expand the NDFP Sanctioned and Ranking tournaments. These are NDFP ranking tournaments where skills are sharpened, new talents discovered, and champions crowned and recognized - a competitive infrastructure that inspire dart excellence.

With the support of NDFP corporate partners, Dart Leagues are gradually being propagated nationwide and new darters are joining mainstream dart activities.

We at the NDFP are truly thankful to our corporate partners for a great year of darts in 2014, and we look forward to an even bigger and better 2015 because of your support.
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