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NDFP Chairman of the Board Bem Noel

Updated July 11, 2018
NDFP President Tito Soncuya and Cong. Florencio "Bem" Noel mutually agreed in principle to sustain, expand, and enhance the booming domestic growth of Philippine darts and at the same time, achieve a higher level of international participation, exposure, and competitiveness.

In fulfillment of these agreed principles and to attain a synergy of organization and logistics, the NDFP designates Cong. Bem Noel as the Chairman of the NDFP Board of Directors.

This is a strategic collaboration to meet the new challenges of domestic growth and to accelerate international participation - a synergistic cooperation to set higher standards of excellence and to gain international respect and recognition.

The National Darts Federation of the Philippines welcomes Cong. Bem Noel.

In Darts we unite!

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