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Team Kumpadres – Davao City

Updated April 5, 2018
Engineer Arturo “Long2” Longyapon of Davao City is the 18th National Master winning his 3rd National Singles Title in the 100K Kalilangan Festival in General Santos City and following his championships in the 200K Pacquiao Birthday Tournament in Dec 2017 and the 100K Tacurong Open in 2013.

Long Longyapon works at the City Assessors’s Office of Davao City for the last 17 years, rising to his current position as Assistant Division Chief – Tax Mapping. His busy schedule and his passion for darts is a balancing act of “work and practice” that only a dedicated and persevering dart player can accomplish.

Congratulations, Engr. Long Longyapon for the hard work to excel not only as a committed dart player but as an active board member of the Federation of Dart Associations of Metro Davao Inc (FDAMDI) that organized the most number of NDFP Ranking and Sanctioned tournaments in 2017, and as the Manager of Team Kumpadres that provided support and opportunities to a lot of dart players.

Before becoming a National Master, Long Longyapon is a Regional Master having won 3 Regional Championships from 2008 to 2012. At the age of 48 and after playing darts for 21 years, the best years of his darting career is yet to come.

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