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Updated October 30, 2019
The President’s Award is an award of recognition given to individuals or organizations whose contributions to the promotion and growth of darts is in line with the ideals, vision and programs of the NDFP.

The Darters of Koronadal, South Cotabato is recognized for the varied dart programs coming from its diverse dart organizations to build a unified and active dart community. A major transformation from the days of conflict and leadership squabbles. Now, they exemplified harmony and cooperation in the midst of diversity to attain the common good for everyone.

Undertaken by the Soco Darts, Marbel Darts Club, Koronadal Dart Club, Tornilyo, and Shark Garage, were the organizing initiatives for the Youth Dart Camps, Federation Dart Leagues - Barkadahan Dart League, and five (5) NDFP Ranking Tournaments for 2019 - a truly inspiring undertaking integrating dart organizations, programs and dart venues.

The Santiago City Darters Association (SCDA), is the 2nd recipient for the 2019 President’s Award. This is in recognition for building and sustaining a strong local dart organization in a virgin dart area of the north for other northern areas to emulate. Since 2016, SCDA doubled their NDFP Ranking Balamban National Dart Tournament from 125K to 250K and integrated the Federation Dart Leagues as a year-long dart activity to sustain and build their community of darters. The remarkable leadership of SCDA is paving the way for the growth of darts in the most northern part of the archipelago.

To all the awardees of the NDFP Araw ng Parangal, congratulations and more power to you.

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