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The Biggest Free Registration Dart Tournament starts this Friday!

Updated October 19, 2016
The National Darts Federation of the Philippines (NDFP) launches another blockbuster and memorable tournament starting October 21-23, 2016 at the Sta Lucia Mall – the P200,000 Free Registration Darterong Pinoy, the year’s most awaited and biggest free registration dart tournament in the country.

Never in the history of Philippine darts has anybody given a 200K free registration dart tournament. Seldom have we seen the continuing corporate social commitment of an organization to uplift the diverse darting community of the elderly seniors, the youth, the ladies, the social enthusiasts and the hardcore darters, irrespective of their position in life.

The NDFP harnessed the resources of its corporate partners – Robson Sportscraft, Chris Sports and Alfonso Light to share in its inclusive journey to bring enjoyment and lasting memories to all darters and to instill our cherished beliefs in camaraderie, sportsmanship and integrity of the sports. The Darterong Pinoy is more than a tournament. Through its 18 years of existence, the Darterong Pinoy has become an institution that has been in the forefront of the major innovations that helped transform and uplift the standards of Philippine darts.

Early-on, the DP is the first ranking tournament to undertake single knock-out format, multiple events in one day and the first 100K tournament. Subsequently, the mall venue set-up, elevated toe-line, online tournament updates, broadcast tournament scoring, digital computerized registration, and automated tournament bracketing became the standards of excellence in tournaments.

Yearly, darters pay homage to the Darterong Pinoy as the iconic institution that helped propagate the expansion of darts and to partake in the moral significance of a free registration tournament.


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