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Updated November 03, 2016
The finals of the Masters Cup 2016 was played on the 3rd day, to give enough time for the finalists to rest after a grueling quarterfinals and semifinals of best of 5 set best of 5 legs the previous night.

Noel Malicdem, the leading player for the Chris Sports P25K Darter of the Year Award, won the Masters Cup 4-0 over EJ Rebollos, the 2000 DP Youth Champion. The first 2 sets were won via decision legs with a high outing of 156 by Malicdem. The 3rd set was 4-0 and the last set was 4-1 with a masterpiece winning leg of Malicdem with 140-180-100 enroute to a 12 dart finish. Noel Malicdem was the most dominant player of the Masters Cup emerging unbeaten from the elimination to the finals.

Road to the Finals
Elimination Round - Total of 24 players entered the round robin elimination round divided into 4 groups of 6 players each, with best of 5 match format.

In Group A, Kenneth Madallang of Cordillera and Champion of the 2014 Darterong Pinoy Singles came in 1st with 4 wins. Melvin Pelona of Maasin City, Southern Leyte, and the 9-Darts Out Awardee came in 2nd with 3 wins. Defending champion Ian Perez and Elmer Maranan were eliminated with 2 wins each.

In Group B, EJ Rebollos of Koronadal City, swept the group with 5 wins, followed by Regional Master Natz Guba of Iligan City with 4 wins. The last round match between Guba and Boy Ulang both with 3 wins each determined the 2nd placer – a heartbreaking loss for PDC World Cup qualifier Boy Ulang.

In Group C, 2015 Darter of the Year, Dolreich DJ Toncopanon Jr. of Robson-Gensan, swept the group with 5 wins and Edward Santos of Julios came in 2nd with 4 wins.

In Group D, Noel Malicdem of Robson-Pasig swept the group with 5 wins. Tied for 2nd place were Toto Andrade of Tondo and Jeffrey Arciosa of Sultan Kudarat. In a sudden death playoff for tied players, Toto Andrade showed experience and advanced to the quarterfinals.

The quarterfinals and semifinals were played the following day Saturday. In the quarterfinals, 3 players swept their matches with identical 3-0 set wins: Kenneth Madallang over Edward Santos, Noel Malicdem over Natz Guba, and Melvin Pelonia over DJ Tongcopanon. The match between EJ Rebollos and Toto Andrade went down the wire with decision of the decision match. Tied at 2 sets a piece and 2 legs each in the final set, the rule is to win by 2 legs up to a 4-4 tie after which a sudden death playoff will ensue. EJ Rebollos won 4-2 in the last set.

In the semifinals, EJ Rebollos swept Melvin Pelonia 3-0, while the other semi-final match between Noel Malicdem and Kenneth Madallang went down to the decision set. For the first time in the Masters Cup, Malicdem encountered a very fierce competition from a very determined fighter from the Highland Darters. The first 4 sets were all decision sets and whoever played first won the set. Very spectacular and memorable darts were thrown especially with the set tied at 1-1. Both players had 126 left, Madallang threw first 19-19-60 with 28 left, under pressure to lead Malicdem threw 19-57 and double bull out for the set. The match again went on a full decision of the decision set with 2 sets a piece and 2 legs each. Again the PDC rule applies for a decision set - the player should win 2 legs to counter the first to throw advantage up to 4-4 tie. Malicdem won against the throw in the 5th leg with 118 out and won the 6th leg for 4-2 set win and a trip to the finals. This was the best and most exciting match of the Masters Cup.

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