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Updated September 12, 2014
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The total cash prize for the FREE-REGISTRATION DARTERONG PINOY 2014 is now at 150,000.  The NDFP is increasing the cash prize from the previously announced 120,000 to accommodate two additional events.

The additional events are:


The Invitational 4-Person Team Inter-City/Municipality, with a cash prize of 15K, will be played simultaneously with the traditional Open 4-Person-Team event with a cash prize of 20K. 

The NDFP affiliated darts organizations will be responsible on who and how the team composition of the Invitational 4-Person will be made to represent their city or municipality. Team members should meet the following requirements:

1.) Legal resident of the city they will represent for at least 1 year.
2.) Should not be in the top 32 ranked NDFP players as of June, 2014 (end of 2nd quarter).
3.) Should not be an NDFP Master, National, and Regional Master.

The NDFP Affiliated Dart Organizations are the nationwide organizers of the NDFP Ranking and Sanctioned tournaments, which is the enabling platform that drives the growth of Philippine darts. This is the competitive national infrastructure where darters gain exposure and experience, sharpen skills, and realize hopes and aspirations.  The NDFP sanctioned and ranking tournaments produce the NDFP ranking points that motivate darters to excel, with the incentive and recognition of a National Player Ranking, Darter of the Year, Federation Cup, and the National and Regional Masters title.  

This integrated chain of events interacting with the National Darts Federation of the Philippines provides the emergent property of a national dart leadership, making the NDFP and its affiliates a truly national organization.

The Invitational 4-Person Inter-City/Municipality Team event is to recognize and pay tribute to the organizing contribution of the NDFP affiliated dart organization, not only to the NDFP ranking tournaments but to the propagation and strengthening of Philippine darts.


The National Masters Cup is an event open to all National Masters. This is to acknowledge the distinguished achievement of the National Masters who have excelled in competitive darts by attaining 3 national tournament championships since 2005. This event is to showcase the skills of our titled players and hopefully enthuse our aspiring darters.

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