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    Updated Febuary 06, 2017


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Cagayan de Oro City (CDO) is in the midst of an exceptional darts revival.  Thanks to the untiring support and dedicated organizing efforts of NDFP Regional Coordinators Jojo Gaane and Danny Quilinging.  They coordinated in the opening of new dart venues and bringing back the NDFP Ranking and Sanctioned tournaments in CDO after an absence of three years.

The new dart venues, namely: Thirsty Camel Bar, Pasivo Bistro, 3D Darthauz, and Pirates Darthauz, were ably organized by Jojo and Danny with dart tournaments in coordination and proper scheduling with the venue owners.  Thus, aside from the existing Inilog Bar and Grill dart venue, the new dart venues helped expand darts in Cagayan de Oro City with an almost daily dose of dart tournaments dispersed in the different venues.

The NDFP Ranking Tournament is making a comeback starting with the 63K Cagayan De Oro Dart Championship on March 4-5, 2017 at the Pirates Darthauz that opened last January 28, 2017. This will be followed by two (2) 100K National Ranking Tournaments in August and October at the Thirsty Camel Bar.  The New Thirsty Camel Bar led by Batch '92 of the Cathedral School of Technology is at the forefront of the dart revival in CDO with monthly scheduled tournaments for 2017 amounting to 600K including the two (2) NDFP National Ranking tournaments.

Both Jojo Gaane and Danny Quilinging are past Presidents and Official Tournament directors of the Golden Friendship Darts Club of CDO.  Jojo Gaane was the President/Tournament Director of the Cagayan de Oro Darts Association (CODA) in 2008-2011-2013-2015. He is the leading organizer of Inilog Grill Dart Hauz and Team Joganz, and is better known as the premier tournament director and organizer in CDO spanning the last 15 years.

DannyQ was an active dart player before he went on temporary leave in 1988 to focus on work related activities.  He became active again in 2009 after serving as Cagayan de Oro City Hall Sports Coordinator for Darts and Bowling from 2002 to 2010, where he founded the City Hall Darters Club.  He formed the Golden Friendship Dart Club (GFDC) in 2009 as Vice -President/ tournament director and Jojo Gaane as President.  He eventually became President of GFDC in 2011.  From 2012 to2014, DannyQ served as the official TD of CODA.

The re-emergence of DannyQ to active darts was brought about by the Youth Programs of the NDFP, especially the free-registration Youth Singles in the NDFP sanctioned tournaments which was in line with his advocacy.  He was instrumental in the discovery, training, and exposure of then youth players, Alexis Toylo, John Lucanas, and Rupert Guanco.  He formed the Q-Darts Cagayan de Oro to discover talented youth darters and support their aspirations.  The Q-Darts Youth Singles with Dong Poquita is an ongoing program.  Youth player Kitjohn Caayupan is currently the leading player of Q-Darts.

It is no surprise that the partnership of Jojo Gaane and DannyQ in mid 2016, supported by Estoy Densing, brought about a huge transformation and revival of darts in Cagayan de Oro City.  Their combined experience and leadership on top of being respected tournament directors and organizers will hopefully bring back the glory old days of Cagayan de Oro - once the dominant force of top dart players, decades ago.  Through the support network of the venue owners, Barangay organizers, the NDFP corporate partners led by Alfonso I Light, Robson Sportscraft, and Chris Sports, and with the organizing experience of Jojo Gaane and DannyQ - THE PROCESS OF RENEWAL IS IN PROGRESS AND THE TRADITION OF DISTINCTION IS BEING RE-IGNITED.