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    Updated June 03, 2016


A Summation of Events & Highlight

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The Chris Sports and Robson Sportscraft 200K Summer Dartfest 2016 was a resounding success --- Success that attendance is beyond expectation, that people are optimistic and positive in their experience, and that the best darting performance was displayed.

The National Darts Federation of the Philippines (NDFP), profusely extends its gratitude to the over 1,000 registered darters who participated, most especially to the provincial darters. The anticipation of playing in a luxurious and spacious air-conditioned venue with a 32 dartboard set-up and the use of a computerized tournament directorship that enabled events to finish at a reasonable time is enough incentive to be part of the Summer Dartfest.

Event Highlights
A wide screen to show scores for on-stage matches with dart averages were installed for the first time. The Open Singles, Ladies Singles and the Fix Doubles events utilized this wide screen scoring. This is to showcase and inspire the tremendous improvement and progress of our Darterong Pinoy.

The Ladies’ Singles was won by Roshily Agbuhos of IDC Obando, Bulacan, earning her first ladies single championship over come-backing Maycel Maralit of Darts Underground. Maycel was one of the up and coming young players in the late 1990’s who left the country to be an OFW.  Clearly, based on Agbuhos’ average of 60.8, she was the dominant player over Maralit’s 49.6 average.  Edna Granada of Tropang Amber was the only veteran player who reached the top 4 losing to Maralit in the semis, while Tata Baarde of Robson, another aspiring young player, lost to Agbuhos.

The championship of the Open Singles with 162 players was a showdown among Robson teammates Christian Perez and Noel Malicdem, both National Masters. Christian beat Jaypee Detablan in the T8 to reach the T4 after breezing through the earlier matches. On the other hand, Malicdem fought and won 3 tough and close decision matches – in the decider against Alain Abiabi in the T32, Malicdem took out 91 with DB-S9-D16 with 40 left for Abiabi. In the T16, the match went all the way to a decision leg win after an alternate win and loss against National Master Boy Gionson.

In the top 8, Malicdem faced the ever dangerous Lourence Ilagan. After three legs the first thrower has all won and Malicdem was up 2-1 being the first thrower. The crucial leg 4 saw Malicdem with 220 throw a 180 to set up 40 left and won after Ilagan failed his outing, Malicdem up 3-1. Ilagan, being the champion that he is, came back with two consecutive wins to even the match. In the decider, Malicdem had the advantage of throwing first and nailed 72 left with Ilagan having 76 left.

The semifinals pitted Germany-bound Alex Tagarao of Julios against Christian Perez. Tagarao fought a hard earned deciding leg over Elmer Maranan in the T8. Perez averaged 89.3 over Tagarao with an 84.4 average, Perez prevailed 4-2. In the other semi-finals, Noel Malicdem averaged a high 91.6 over Prussian Arceño’s 83.8 and swept the latter 4-0. The highlight of the match was the 2nd leg with Malicdem hitting SB-T20-DB for a 135 out.

In the finals, Christian Perez won 5-2 over Malicdem. The score did not do justice to an intensely fought match with Malicdem having a higher average of 87.8 to Perez’s 84.6 average. The match registered six (6) T80’s, the most in any match, with each player contributing 3 a piece.

In the Fix Doubles, Ian Perez and DJ Tongcopanon of Robson sealed the event after winning over Julio’s Jhay-ar Laca and John Lucañas.  The championship displayed the highest average played onstage with 92.88, coming from Perez and Tongcopanon.

The Seniors Singles gathered a surprising number of 80 participants. Ducky Ramirez of San Pablo, Laguna dominated Rey Santos of Marikina to win the championship, with Butz Millet of Highland Darters and Jun Agustin of T’Kosa completing the top 4. Meanwhile, Jhay Doria of TOP Gunner led the race among 84 participants in the Youth Singles, beating Christian Perez of Tresma in the finals. Joshua Ortega of Mandarts and Rhay John Bartolome shared Joint 3rd-4th place.

The Fix-Four Person Team event of 48 teams closed with TOP Gunner 2 of Allain Abiabi, Bhoy Ulang, Brunno Parungao, and Jhay Doria with the crown, after defeating Team Robson Razor of Ricky Mijares, Rodel Villa, Ferdie Empleo, and Allen Macalino, 4-2. Team Robson Plus Flights of Ian Perez, Noel Malicdem, DJ Tongcopanon, Lito Peresores, and Team Conception of Louie Soriano, Edward Santos, Nayr Ocampo, Bobby Concepcion, round up the Top 4.

The Classified Draw Doubles saw the participation of 240 darters won by Noel Malicdem of Robson and Al Dadole of Tresma. DJ Toncopanon of Robson and JR Sabanal of Tresma came in 2nd.

The Classified Draw Triples drew 201 players won by Roy Agustin of RTK, Joey Rimando of Highland Darters and Marcel Pulido of Davao.  The trio of Boyot Majomot of Cag de Oro, Arnold Baldonido of GVDA and Arnold Tanquintic of San Andres were in 2nd place.

We congratulate Prussian Arceño and Jaypee Detablan who were bestowed formally the title of National Masters during the Araw ng Parangal.

Parting Words
Fortifying the NDFP’s maxim “in darts we unite”, darters were welcomed to Il Centro in unison by yours truly, Vice President Joel Gonzales who came from Cebu City, NDFP-NCF Director Emong Pioquinto, NCR Ladies Coordinator Pinky Abaya, and NDFP-CAR Director Shirley Balabag.

Hats off to our event presenters: Robson Sportscraft and Chris Sports, to our food and beverage providers Giligan’s Restaurant and Food Island, and trophy sponsor Alfonso I Light – thank you all for continuously supporting the NDFP’s endeavor to continuously elevate the standards of darts for the advancement, growth and expansion of Philippine darts.

Special thanks to Kathleen Gonzales, Chris Sports Marketing Manager, for gracing the event and to the management and staff of Sta. Lucia Mall for providing the Summer Dartfest venue in the last 8 years. Lastly, the smooth running of Summer Dartfest despite its overlapping events is through the coordinated efforts of NDFP National Tournament Director Rommel Escobil with the support of computer wizard Ryan Suarez and NDFP National Coordinator Marvin Orlina.

To all our fellow darters, old and new, thank you for joining us in our efforts to provide a fun yet competitive Summer Dartfest bounded by excellence, camaraderie, and integrity. Once again, we close summer with good memories through the Chris Sports & Robson Sportscraft Summer Dartfest 2016 – and may these memories take you back to next year’s Summer Dartfest.

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