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    Updated Dec. 28, 2015

A Breakthrough Year for Darts

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2015 is an outstanding year for darts as the National Darts Federation of the Philippines vigorously pursued the twin pillars of growth to sustain the expansion of darts – the ranking tournaments and the dart leagues.

For the first time in the history of Philippine darts, thirty (30) NDFP Ranking and Sanctioned Tournaments were launched in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao integrated under the leadership of the National Darts Federation of the Philippines (NDFP).  A total of 3.65M in tournament cash prize was raised by the national network of dedicated NDFP affiliated dart organizations from the mountains of the Cordillera to the hinterlands of Mindanao.

The 2015 NDFP Ranking tournaments were national in scope:

  Area Tournament Cash Prize
  GMA 6 1,260,000
  Mindanao 13 1,225,000
  Luzon 8 805,000
  Visayas 3 360,000
  Total 30 3,650,000

Mindanao ranks 1st in the number of 2015 ranking tournaments, with 13 tournaments equivalent to 1.22M.  The emergence of strong players from Mindanao is not by chance but through the competitiveness enhanced by the ranking tournaments.  In the same token, the expansion of the ranking tournaments in the Bicol region is accelerating the competitiveness of Bicolanos in the national scene.

The 2015 NDFP Ranking Tournaments were year-round
  Quarters Tournament Cash Prize
  Q1 5 770,000
  Q2 13 1,650,000
  Q3 6 510,000
  Q4 6 720,000
  Total 30 3,650,000

Darters can showcase the fruits of their daily training to the continuing year-long ranking tournaments providing darters to be sharp the whole year.  Preparation does not come in spurts but throughout the year.   The 2nd Q of 2015 is the biggest quarter ever with 13 ranking tournament worth 1.65M.

The NDFP 5 year history of Ranking Tournaments

  Year Tournament Cash Prize
  2015 30 3.65M
  2014 25 3.52M
  2013 22 2.17M
  2012 23 2.16M
  2011 15 1.32M

As the cash prizes of ranking tournaments continue to increase, the quality of play continue to improve. Ranking Tournaments are the drivers for excellence and growth, the arena where champions are molded, new talents are discovered, and experience is gained.  This is the platform where the hopes and aspirations of darters are fulfilled and the training ground to meet the challenges of international competition so we may attain international recognition and respect.

The NDFP is the catalyst that takes the lead to unite the nationwide dart organizations of darters under the umbrella of the NDFP Sanctioned and Ranking Tournaments.  As we marvel, rejoice, and predict on the exploits of our dart champions, we should not lose sight of the fact that these ranking tournaments are the result of the organizing efforts of our dedicated nationwide dart organizations.  These unsung heroes united under the NDFP Sanctioned Ranking Tournaments will be the subject of a separate article.

The NDFP Ranking and Sanctioned Tournaments continue to increase and expand through the years. 2015 is a breakthrough year and darts continue to skyrocket to levels never seen before.  These breakthroughs are neither accidents of history, nor aberration of chance – these are the result of dedication, perseverance, and leadership.  We are where we are today because, united we made it happen.

From these NDFP Ranking Tournaments, come the Ranking Points for the National Players Ranking, Darter of the Year Award, and Top 32 qualifiers for the prestigious Federation Cup.  From the champions of the ranking tournaments come the titles of National and Regional Masters, and from all finalists of 100K and over tournaments come the qualifiers for the Masters Cup.  The ranking points further provide the basis for the Classified Players List, the regional top 10 players, and the qualified players for the Invitational National Inter-City Team Championships.

May 2015, National Master Christian “The Titan” Perez of Robson-Koronadal successfully defended his 1st Federation Cup over Nelson Uligan of the Cordillera, after a grueling round robin format of the top 32 ranked players of the NDFP.

October 2015, National Master Christian “The Titan” Perez, redeemed his heartbreaking decision loss last year by trouncing JP de Tablan for the 2015 Masters Cup.  The Masters Cup 2015 is an invitational round-robin tournament limited to all masters, finalists in a 100K and over singles ranking tournaments and all regional masters, champion of 3 open singles of ranking tournaments below 100K.

Though the Federation and Masters Cups are the most prestigious tournaments and a true test of a champion among the best players of the land, Perez did not earn any ranking points being invitational tournaments and not an open singles tournaments.

The City of Manila led by Tondo players Ed Trio, Emar Dy, Ron Salvador, and Nico Amen won the 2015 Inter-City National Team Championship over Tacloban City of Jun Buling, Rex Bautista, Tham Vallar, and Mark Campos.  The Inter-City Championship is an invitational tournament to all NDFP affiliated dart organization players who are non-classified, non-masters, and residents of the city they represent.

Dolreich DJ Tongcopanon Jr. of Robson-Gensan was crowned the 12th National Master, for winning three (3) Open Singles of the NDFP National Ranking Tournaments of 100,000 and over.  Tongcopanon won the 150K Daragang Magayon-Bicol Darts Challenge, the 100K Gov. Mercado Cup in Maasin, and the Resorts World Manila 300K Dart Attack.  At the age of 20, DJ is the youngest player to earn a National Master Title.

DJ is the 12th player to earn the National Master (NM) title since 2005, joining the elite group of National Masters led by Christian Perez, Lourence Ilagan, Boie Parfan, Boy Gionzon, Dixie Ybañez, Bong Gabiana, Jojo Barellano, Andy Villamor, Toto Andrade, Bert Lozano, and Noel Malicdem.

Youth phenom, Dolreich DJ Toncopanon Jr. is the runaway winner of the P25,000 Chris Sports Darter of the Year Award after winning the most number of Open Singles Championship for 2015. DJ won five (5) Open Singles: 150K Bicol Darts Challenge, 100K Mercado Cup, 300K RWM Dart Attack, 50K Emong's Cup and the 100K Inugyunay Festival, the last Ranking Tournament of 2015, in Tacurong, Sultan Kudarat last December 20, 2015.

The NDFP Araw ng Parangal was held last October 17, 2015 during the Darterong Pinoy to recognize the new National Master and to honor with the President’s Award the individuals who contributed to the advancement of darts adhering to the ideals, values and vision of the NDFP.


The 2015 President’s Award for Leadership is given to Shirley Dagunay Balabag of the Cordillera Dart Leaguers for her relentless pursuit of dart leagues in the Cordillera, and to Alexander Canilang of the Highland Darters who supported the establishment of dart leagues and the participation and exposure of Cordillera darters to the national tournaments.  This is also to recognize the Cordillera Region as the 2nd largest darting region after Metro Manila.

Topping the cash prize of the 2015 Ranking Tournaments were the 300K tournaments of the Jay Harrows Cup and the Resorts World Manila Dart Attack, followed by the 250K tournaments of Mayor Romuladez of Tacloban and the RWM Darts Championship in May.  The 200K tournaments were the Nagcarlan Open and the Robson Summer Dartfest.

Multiple Open Singles champions for the year were DJ Tongcopanon with 5 championships (4 National and 1 Regional), Bong Gabiana with 3 National Titles, Jeffrey Arciosa (1 National and 2 Regional), Ian Perez and Lourence Ilagan with 2 national titles each and LJ Alcantara of Bicol with 2 regional titles.

The 5 NDFP organized tournaments were all housed in the highest standards of facilities with full air-conditioned venues with the 300K Jay Harrows Cup, 200K Robson Summer Dartfest and 160K Darterong Pinoy in Sta Lucia Mall and in the world class facility of Resorts World Manila with a video wall and the Box set up for the 300K Dart Attack and the 250K RWM Dart Championship. The NDFP continues to take the lead in setting new standards of excellence to uplift Philippine darts.

The 160K Free-Registration Darterong Pinoy remains to be the biggest free-registration tournament in the last 13 years.  NDFP ID and Privilege Card, which was launched in July this year,  was used for the first time for player registration through a scanner to make registration faster and more convenient.

The emergence of new champions coming from the ranking tournaments is a truly fulfilling undertaking and worth all the sacrifices made.

Through the support and the organizing efforts of the NDFP, dart leagues made a major breakthrough in 2015. The dart league is the breeding ground of the novice beginners, social dart enthusiasts and the hard core darters to gain confidence to join the mainstream competitive dart activities such as the National Ranking and Sanctioned tournaments. The dart leagues are the initial steps to perpetuate the life cycle of darts.

In the Cordillera, the continuing dart leagues supported by the NDFP reached its pinnacle with the 97 team participating in the Summer Dart Leagues in Baguio, La Trinidad, and Bontoc spearheaded by the Cordillera Dart League and Highland Darters.

The Federation Dart Leagues (FDL) is the rebranded NDFP dart leagues in the National Capital Region. There were 74 teams competing in three (3) venues:  Red Lane, Tresma, and Darkside.  Player participation was over 450 players representing teams from all over the National Capital Region.

We look forward to another blockbuster year in 2016. We hope to see new champions emerge and new regions integrated.  The best is yet to come.


Tournament Location Date Cash  Organizer
Resorts World Dart Attack New Port Mall, RWM 10-Oct-15 300,000 NDFP
Jay Harrow Cup Sta Lucia Mall 23-Jan-15 300,000 NDFP
RWM Darts Championship New Port Mall, RWM 08-May-15 250,000 NDFP
Summer Darfest Sta Lucia Mall 29-May-15 200,000 NDFP
Darterong Pinoy 2015 Sta Lucia Mall 16-Oct-15 160,000 NDFP
Emong's Cup PCA 12-Sep-15 50,000 E. Pioquinto
GMA  Total 6 1,260,000
Nagcarlan Open Nagcarlan, Laguna 05-Jun-15 200,000 JRS / Darters of Nagcarlan
Magayon Bicol Dart Challenge IX Legaspi, Albay 17-Apr-15 150,000 Darterong Albayano
Gov. Migz Villafuerte Kaogma Festival Pili, CamSur 22-May-15 130,000 BBDA
Panagbenga 2015 Baguio City 06-Mar-15 120,000 Highland Darters
1st Benny Cruz  Dart Tournament Naga City 07-Nov-15 55,000 Penafrancia Dart Club
3rd Guinobatan Longganisa Festival Guinobatan, Albay 08-Aug-15 50,000 Guinobatan Darts Club
Divine's Grill Dart Tournament Sta. Maria Bulacan 02-May-15 50,000 Divine Grill
Little Arrows Summer Darts Batangas City 25-Apr-15 50,000 Little Arrows, BUD
LUZON  Total 8 805,000
1st Mayor  Romualdez  Open Singles Tacloban City 26-Jun-15 130,000 Tacloban Darts Association
1st Mayor  Romualdez (Sangyaw Open) Tacloban City 26-Jun-15 130,000 Tacloban Darts Association
Roger Mercado Cup  Maasin City 21-Jun-15 100,000 Maasin City Dart Club
VISAYAS  Total 3 360,000
5th Gov. Mendoza Kalivungan Festival Kidapawan, Cotabato 28-Aug-15 150,000 NCDA
46th Araw ng Pagadian Pagadian City 19-Jun-15 150,000 Zambo Darters
78th Araw ng Dabaw  Davao City 13-Mar-15 150,000 FDAMDI
14th Araw ng Sibugay  Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay 21-Feb-15 150,000 Ipil Sibugay Dart Association
Inugyunay Festival Tacurong, Sultan Kudarat 18-Dec-15 100,000 SOCO Darts
Araw ng Digos Digos City 04-Sep-15 100,000 DAPDESI
Kadayawan Sa Davao 2015 Davao City 14-Aug-15 100,000 FDAMDI
Lepeng's Cup Zamboanga City 28-Aug-15 60,000 Presidents Club
2nd CPB Open Dart Tournament Digos City 26-Jun-15 60,000 DAPDESI
7th FDAMD Anniversary  Davao City 24-Oct-15 55,000 FAMDI
Kalimudan Festival - Gov. Mangudadatu Isulan, Sultan Kudarat 20-Nov-15 50,000 Dart Club of Isulan
Felis Resort Dart Tournament Davao City 22-May-15 50,000 FDAMDI
Unang Hirit FELIZ Resort Davao City 16-Jan-15 50,000 FDAMDI
MINDANAO  Total 13 1,225,000
TOTAL  30 3,650,000