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Pinoy Pride: Ilagan-Perez

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Congratulations, Lourence “The Gunner” Ilagan, champion of the MSDO 2014 Grand Master Championship in Selangor, Malaysia last November 16, 2014. Ilagan won the finals against world renowned Singapore legend Paul Lim in a decision game.

Leading to the finals, Ilagan edged compatriot Christian Perez in the semi-finals again in a tough decision game that many viewed as the best match of the tournament “worthy of a finals”.  Ilagan displayed awesome darts to overcome the 2-1 lead of Perez by hitting 2 double bulls and a triple 16 to even the match.  In the decision leg, Ilagan threw first and the rest is history.  This is the same intensity Ilagan showed in the decision leg of the NDFP National Masters Championship with 125 left, hitting single bulls, T20, and D20 for the Championship with 40 left for Perez.

Congratulations, Christian “The Titan” Perez for winning the PDC South Asian Qualifier to the World Darts Championship last month.  The darts community awaits the return of a Pinoy to the world stage.

The darts rivalry of Ilagan and Perez is growing to be legendary in its intensity, ala Crispa-Toyota, Ateneo-La Salle, and Federer-Nadal.  So far, they played against each other in four (4) major international tournaments:  Top 4 of the rich 2009 Shanghai Open, 2013 Stage 7 finals of Dartslive both won by Perez, and at the finals of the 2013 World Soft Tip Darts Championship and the MSDO Grand Masters top 4 both won by Ilagan.

Their passion for darts ay “walang patawad”, “dibdiban with emotions”, and they displayed strength, power, and concentration worth emulating.  But beneath this spectacle of competition lies the mutual respect and profound admiration for each other - a friendship based on reverence and high esteem.  It is truly noteworthy that Lourence Ilagan offered his services to PDC World Darts Championship bound Christian Perez to help support him in his training. To both of you, your extraordinary prowess in darts, your passion, and your respect for each other is the embodiment of a truly Pinoy Pride!!  You exemplify the NDFP values of Excellence, Sportsmanship, Camaraderie, and Integrity.