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    Updated September 2, 2016


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Budz Dunham, a leading pillar of darts in Southern Luzon passed away September 1.  His body lies in state at their family residence in Lucena City, and internment will be on Tuesday, September 6, 2016.

Budz Dunham will be remembered as the conscientious and hard-working administrator of the Darterong Pinoy (DP) e-group in Facebook. Under his administration, the DP e-group grew to be the biggest Philippine dart e-group in the country with over 6,450 members and the leading center of Philippine dart information.  Through his diligent screening and filtering, bonafide darters were only accepted, maintaining the integrity of the e-group. He provided clear policies that sustained harmony, wholesomeness, and peaceful co-existence to everyone.

We will truly miss his unending upload of international dart news and reminder of upcoming tournaments. Most especially, we will miss Budz as a reliable friend accommodating darters in the interchange for advise, support, and wisdom.
In his younger days, Budz Dunham was the organizer of the first big tournaments in Southern Luzon, specifically in Lucena City more than 15 years ago.  Through his efforts, dart organizations in Lucena City flourished and eventually expanded in adjoining towns and municipalities.

He was a prime mover in giving exposure to players beyond the province of Quezon by zealously participating in the yearly Darterong Pinoy as a delegation head, as a player, and last year providing support through his presence with his family.

Thumbs Up and Maraming Salamat, Budz!!