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Three (3) quarters and 48 Open Singles into 2019, the competition for the 2019 Darter of the Year Award remains tight and close. Going into the 4th and last quarter of the year, any of the top 5 ranked players can win the Darter of the Year Award.

Leading the Darter of the Year honors is Paolo Nebrida - Robson with 432 ranking points, Noel Malicdem- Robson 414, Michael Viola - DOT 402, Christian Perez - Robson 386, and Mark Lumilang - Kumpadres 364.

Since January 2019, 23 of the 48 Open Singles were won by only 6 players who have won more than once. These are Paolo Nebrida (7), Michael Viola (5), Noel Malicdem (4), DJ Tongcopanon (3), Christian Perez (2), and Mark Lumilang (2). Except for Tongcopanon who is in 7th place, the top 5 ranked players are all multiple championship winners.

The 2019 Darter of the Year Awardee is anybody’s guess. As a reminder to all organizers of NDFP ranking and sanctioned tournaments, the December schedule of tournaments should be sanctioned one month prior to the scheduled event. This is to assure that all competing players for the award would have the chance to schedule vacation leaves and secure logistical support.

Good Luck to all.