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3rd Quarter Update

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Noel Malicdem, “The Gentle Giant” from Team Robson, won his 6th Open Singles title for the year earning a total of 530 NDFP ranking points for the 2017 Darter of the Year Award.  Malicdem won the Open Singles of the 650K Casino Filipino Angeles City, the biggest tournament of the year, and the 100K Baguio Day Open, all in the 3rd Quarter.  Malicdem leads 2nd placer, DJ Tongcopanon by 166 ranking points going in the last quarter of the year.

Two big tournaments with big ranking points are on tap for the 4th Quarter:  the 200K Free-Registration Darterong Pinoy, and the 650K Casino Filipino by the Bay in December.  A championship in any of the upcoming 4th Q ranking tournaments will assure Malicdem his 2nd consecutive Darter of the Year Award.

2017 is a breakthrough year for the NDFP ranking tournaments.  So far, there are a total 22 National and 11 Regional open singles with a total of 33 Ranking Open Singles championships nationwide, after the 3rd Quarter.

Please check our website: Darter of the Year 3rd Quarter 2017 for more details.