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1st Quarter Summary

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Noel Malicdem of Robson-Pasig leads the 1st Quarter ranking for the 2017 Darter of the Year Award. Malicdem, dubbed as the “Gentle Giant”, continues his winning streak as the Chris Sports 2016 Darter of the Year Awardee with back to back Open Singles championships in the 100K Kalilangan Festival in Gensan and the 150K Araw ng Dabao, supported by his T4 finishes in the 120K Emong Cup and the 150K Panagbenga Open.

Lito Peresores, the IT expert and the systems administrator of South Cotabato Electric Cooperative comes in 2nd place with his extensive travels and winning form in the seven (7) ranking tournaments held in Mindanao for the 1st Quarter. Lito won the Regional Ranking of the Pirates in Cagayan de Oro and placed 2nd in the 150K Araw ng Sibugay and in the Kaamulan Festival. Lito is also the President of the Agendarts in Gensan.

Dolreich Tongcopanon of Robson-Gensan is in 3rd place, while Alex Tagarao of Joganz-CDO is in 4th place. Bobot Tobianosa of Agendarts comes in 5th place.

There were a total of 10 NDFP Ranking Tournaments in the first quarter with over a million in cash prize. With seven (7) ranking tournaments held in Mindanao, it is no wonder that four (4) out of the top five (5) placers hails from Mindanao. Major changes in the Darter of the Year placing is anticipated in the 2nd Quarter as the big cash prized NDFP ranking tournaments are dispersed nationwide with over 2M in prizes.