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9-Darter Concludes a Great Year in Philippine Darts

Updated January 02, 2014
Congratulations Alexis Toylo for hitting a perfect 9-darts out in the recently concluded NDFP sanctioned “120,000 Huling Hirit” organized by the FDAMDI (Federation of Darts Association Metro Davao, Inc.) last December 27-29, 2013.  The 9-darter came from hits of T20-T20-T18 (174) leaving 327 left, followed by T20-T20-T19 (177) and with 150 left, shot T20-T18-D18 for the 9 darts out. It was a non-traditional set-up, but it is was perfect. A perfect 9 darts out without a ton 80 – only in the Philippines.

The National Darts Federation of the Philippines is proud to award P10,000, sponsored by its corporate partner Robson Sportscraft, to Alexis Toylo for hitting the perfect 9-darts out game. This is the first P10,000 award given to a 9-darter and we hope for more 9-darters to come. This will be followed by a Plaque of Achievement in the upcoming Darterong Pinoy 2014.  Alexis’ feat came 14 years after the last 9-darter of Ricky Mijares in the Baguio Open of 1999, and the previous 9-darters of Boie Parfan and Emy Rubio.The P10,000 award is a continuing commitment of Robson Sportscraft in all NDFP sanctioned tournaments and will remain unless revoked.

A native of Cagayan de Oro, Alexis Toylo is a multiple Youth Singles champion in NDFP sanctioned tournaments where he gained the experience and exposure to sharpen his dart talent. He has been playing darts through the support of Buddy Tancontian of Alfonso I Lights for the past three years. Toylo will turn 21 years old come January 6, 2013 having played darts since the young age of 16.

Alexis is a product of the NDFP Youth tournaments. The NDFP started the youth singles tournaments in Darterong Pinoy of 1999 and has since been a regular event of most NDFP sanctioned tournaments. The integration of the no-entry fee Youth Singles in NDFP sanctioned tournaments is a commitment of NDFP to youth development and we thank the organizers of NDFP sanctioned tournaments for its support to our commitment. The NDFP Youth program has produced competitive players such as Ian Perez, the first Darterong Pinoy Youth Champion in 1999, EJ Rebollos DP champion of 2000, and multiple DP champion JP de Tablan. The future of Philippine darts will come from the youth that we will mold today.

The 9-darts out is a perfect ending to a great year for Philippine darts.  Lourence Ilagan (No. 1) and Ian Perez (No. 2) - the top two ranked players of the NDFP - brought us pride, honor, and glory by playing in the all-Pinoy finals of the biggest soft tip dart tournament in The World last December 15, 2013 in Hongkong.  The NDFP congratulates Lourence Ilagan for being the 1st Filipino World Champion in darts. Our spirited players come from the ranks of the Philippine competitive environment - an arena where competition is enhanced, skills developed, confidence instilled, and where achievements are recognized. We thank the organizers of the NDFP sanctioned tournaments for providing this arena, the nationwide dart infrastructure of tournaments, the training ground of future champions.