P130,000 Daet on the Go! Dart Tournament
June 20-22, 2014
Calaguas Gateway Hotel, Camarines Norte

EVENT: Open Singles
ENTRIES: 60 participants
Champion :   Boy Gionson   4D
2nd place :   Vince De Velos   Barries Makati
Joint 3rd-4th : (1) Boie Parfan III   Quezon City
    (2) Nayr Ocampo   4D
Joint 5th-8th : (1) Paolo Nebrida   Yeah Baby!
    (2) Jong Gonzales   Robson
    (3) Ricky Mijares   Robson
    (4) Bhoy Ulang   4D
Joint 9th-16th : (1) Speed Gerona    
    (2) Bhong Samberi   Yeah Baby!
    (3) LJ Alcantara    
    (4) Noel Malicdem   Robson
    (5) Rocky Abogado    
    (6) Ed Barsubia   Barries Makati
    (7) Simon Ombao   Pili
    (8) Alexis Toylo   4D

EVENT: Seniors Singles
ENTRIES: 16 participants
Champion :   Rey Santos   MCDO
2nd place :   Elmer Maranan   Sariaya, Quezon
Joint 3rd-4th : (1) Al Dadole   Barries Makati
    (2) Wilson Narvasa   CNDAC

EVENT: Youth Singles
ENTRIES: 13 participants
Champion :   Dwen Banaria   BBDA
2nd place :   Jan Paul Velasco   Bush n' Hut
Joint 3rd-4th : (1) Danilo Asiao   Daet
    (2) Djorhio Bartolome   Guinobatan Dart Club

EVENT: Fixed 4 Person Team
ENTRIES: 56 participants (14 teams)
Champion :   Robson Grip-X Tungsten    
      Ricky Mijares   Noel Malicdem
      Jong Gonzales   Boie Parfan III
2nd place :   4x4    
      Elmer Maranan   Andy Guerrero
      Nesty Gualberto   Gener Villareal
Joint 3rd-4th : (1) Barries Makati    
      Al Dadole   Ed Barsubia
      Vince De Velos   Mark Canapi
  : (2) Yeah Baby!    
      Renan Abelda   Jason Suerto
      Paolo Nebrida   Bhong Samberi

EVENT: Fixed Doubles
ENTRIES: 56 participants (28 pairs)
Champion :   Ricky Mijares   Robson
      Noel Malicdem   Robson
2nd place :   Boie Parfan III   Manila
      Joseph Domanais   Manila
Joint 3rd-4th : (1)  Nay Ocampo   4D
      Boy Gionson   4D
    (2)  Bhoy Ulang   4D
      Alexis Toylo   4D

EVENT: Classified Draw Triples
ENTRIES: 54 participants (18 teams)
Champion :   Boy Gionson   4D
      Luis Hidalgo   Naga
      JL Delos Santos   Pe├▒afrancia
2nd place :   Joseph Domanais   Manila
      Boy Padi   Talisay, Camarines Norte
      Dodon Obera   Mantagbac Darters
Joint 3rd-4th : (1) Sherwin Asis   CNDAC
      Al Dadole   Barries Makati
      LJ Alcantara   Guinobatan Dart Club
    (2) George Centeno   BBDA
      Dindo Aban   CNDAC
      Jan jan Magan   CNDAC

EVENT: Classified Draw Doubles
ENTRIES: 68 participants (34 pairs)
Champion :   Jong Gonzales   Robson
      Boyet Panotes   CNDAC
2nd place :   Jometh Umali   CNDAC
      Mark Canapi   Barries Makati
Joint 3rd-4th : (1)  Bhhong Samberi   Yeah Baby!
      Aladin Gerona   Mantagbac
    (2)  Bhoy Ulang   4D
      Jason Suerto   Yeah Baby!