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Updated February 22, 2024
Christian Perez secured a European Tour qualification in Leicester, Wednesday evening.

After obtaining a semi-finalist finish last Tuesday at the Players Championship Event 4 in Morningside Arena, Perez went on to compete at the Tour Card Holder Qualifiers for the European Tour (ET) 3 and 4 at the Mattioli Arena. Each qualifier will produce ten players per event.

Perez made an early bow to Boris Krčmar of Croatia, 6-5 in the first round of ET3, but bounced back in ET4 to make the cut of 10 event qualifiers. Perez defeated Richard Veenstra of the Netherlands (6-4) in the Top 80, 2014 World Youth Champion Keegan Brown of England (6-3) in the Top 40, and Niels Zonneveld of the Netherlands (6-4) in the last 20.

Perez will make his European Tour debut at the European Darts Grand Prix (ET4) that will be held in Sindelfingen, Germany from April 19 – 21, and will mark another milestone as the first Filipino to play in the PDC European Pro Tour.

The PDC European Tour 2024 is a series of 13 dart tournaments held across Europe with each event worth £175,000 in prize money. These events see the top players on the PDC Pro Tour order of Merit compete against players from six different regional qualifiers.

Another round of heartfelt cheers to you, Christian Perez!
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